Sabith Khan Ph.D. Habits of the Heart

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Studying the impact of charity and philanthropy

People give when they have more than they need.”Sabith Khan, Pd.D. California Lutheran University

Sabith Khan, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor at the School of Management at California Lutheran University. He’s passionately interested in what drives us to give our hard-earned money to good causes and how this affects civil society, religion, and politics. He writes and speaks frequently and publishes his writings on his blog.

Charity and philanthropy are becoming increasingly crucial as fields of study, given the growing importance of non-state actors such as civil society groups and nonprofit organizations in our society. The introduction of Automation, Artificial Intelligence and new forms of production are sure to upend the existing models of production, in what scholars and thinkers are calling the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution.’ This is bound to have a profound impact on our societies, around the world. Sabith’s research agenda is to examine these changes in the realm of nonprofit organizations, technologies, governance systems and help chart a path towards managing these rapid changes. He is particularly drawn towards examining the old as well as the new: religious, cultural and governmental systems as much as technological systems that seem to be emerging fast and dominating our consciousness.

Our conversation covered a variety of interesting topics including;

  • His academic background,
  • What drew him into studying Public Policy and Administration,
  • Why he loves teaching,
  • Statistics about charitable giving that are eye-opening,
  • What about conflict countries?
  • What are remittances and why are they such a large part of the economy?

This conversation is a part of our continuing series featuring Professors from California Lutheran University’s School of Management