We love growing companies – Diana Pereira, Balance Financial Management

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I step in when you want to double and triple growth.

Diana Pereira is committed to her clients in a way that's inspiring. She's one of the Founders of the Impact Hub in Santa Barbara, and the Founder of Balance Financial Management, located in the Funk Zone of Santa Barbara. We know her from the early days of the Impact Hub when it was still a dream, and she presented the vision at the Santa Barbara Library, several years ago.

Since then, the Hub has grown into a center for entrepreneurship in Santa Barbara. Her work at the Impact Hub was recognized with a highly coveted Spirit of Entrepreneurship Award in 2018 in the Green and Entrepreneurship category. Note: We're going to interviewing the 2018 winners over a period of months, to help celebrate the work that the organization is doing.

Diana sees her company's role at Balance as the backbone to startups and non-profits. She said she's been doing payroll and accounting since she was eleven years old and has been a CFO for over 15 years.

She lights up when you ask her about success stories at the Impact Hub. Her current favorite is Cognixion, founded by Andreas Forsland. They're on the cutting edge of AI, creating products that accelerate and enrich human communication and connection.

One of the things that I appreciate about Diana is that she sees herself as a part of the team. If you poke a view into her office in the Funk Zone, you'll see an excellent brick room, windows on two walls, and a shelf that wraps around the room that has computers, that everyone stands up to work on. It's cool, and if they need to sit or take a meeting, they're in the Impact Hub, with plenty of room to spread out when they need to.

Congratulations to Diana, and the rest of the 2018 SOE Winners.