Jan Campbell, Executive Director, Domestic Violence Solutions

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Domestic Violence: The Silent Epidemic

How to be an upstander, not a bystander." Jan Campbell, Executive Director, Domestic Violence Solutions, DVS

Jan Campbell is the Executive Director of Santa Barbara-based non-profit, Domestic Violence Solutions (DVS). Jan gave us a quick update on DVS's history, having been founded with their first shelter in 1977. She also introduced us to a new term: Intimate Partner Violence.

She says that the #MeToo movement has raised awareness of this epidemic. Her statistics show that there are more than 6,000 calls a day nationally to organizations that provide support like DVS.

DVS relies extensively on volunteers, with a 40-hour training for each of them, as there are more sensitive issues to consider than you'd first think. For instance, the actual location of the shelters is a secret known only to staff and law enforcement. Makes sense once you think about it.

Another term she taught us was Intergenerational Violence, here's a link to a white paper on this topic for those of you that want to dive deeper after you listen to this episode.

We talked at length about early warning signs, prevention and how to help. She said, "Be an upstander, not a bystander." Agreed.

There are many challenges facing our community and this is one she rightfully called a Silent Epidemic. If you're interested in helping DVS be successful in their mission, check them out here.

Listeners will remember Jan as one of our first guests on this podcast.

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