Community Broadband Survey

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The Broadband Consortium of the Pacific Coast, a collaborative focused on improving broadband throughout San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Ventura counties, requests your assistance to gain a better understanding of broadband (high-speed internet) needs and opportunities for business, education, health and safety and private residential uses.

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The Explosion of Entrepreneurism

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In a recent investigation 805connect learned that there are at least 30 regional organizations serving entrepreneurs. This explosion of interest in the last few years is worth thinking about in terms of the impact it has on our region. The 805connect project was initially conceived to create a Startup Community initially and has expanded to include businesses in all stages of development. 805connect …
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If you want more interesting answers, ask more interesting questions.

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The writers at 805connect use their extensive business experience to create compelling profile questions. The power of your response to these questions is what makes 805connect unique. In person, people make the decision to continue paying attention to you within nine seconds. The same is true for people viewing your online profile. Except they don’t give you nine seconds, they give …
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Trusted Connections

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All of us, given the choice, would rather do business with a friend. Each encounter we have during the day is better if it’s with someone we know. We want to work with friends because we trust them. How quickly can you convert a coffee conversation with someone new into a trusted connection?