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What will happen when we have safer cars?Max Drucker, CEO {Carpe Data

We had a far-reaching conversation with Max Drucker, the CEO of {Carpe Data, a business located just upstairs from our studio here in downtown Santa Barbara. Max understands data, big data, and the future of how data impacts businesses like few we've had on the show. We learned about predictive analytics, his start at Apple working to bring Insurance Companies to the Internet, machine learning, and how to manage the data that impacts your business.

Max is easy to listen to, especially if you are unsure about your relationship to big data and how it is used to calculate risks to businesses. He makes the discussion, which can frequently be nerdy and complicated, straightforward and easy to understand.

Towards the end of the show, he takes us on a journey into the future, with a prediction about autonomous cars that you'll want to hear.

As co-founder and CEO, Max leads Carpe Data in the development and execution of the business. Before Carpe Data, Max co-founded Social Intelligence, a social media background screening company. In November 2010, Insurance & Technology Magazine named Max as one of its Top 10 Innovators of the Decade, an award that recognizes accomplishments in the insurance technology industry over the past ten years. Note: He shares the list with Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos among others.

Our good friend and past guest on the podcast, Roger Durling, wrote a great column about Max that you'll want to read to give even more color to this story.