About 805connect

805connect is a comprehensive database created to provide an official directory and networking platform to connect all of the businesses in the 805 area code.

The project is overseen by a partnership with the Economic Vitality Corporation of San Luis Obispo, the Santa Barbara Region Chamber of Commerce, the Ventura Economic Development Collaborative and introNetworks.

More than a simple business directory, 805connect provides a single place for public entities, private organizations, businesses, entrepreneurs and non-profits, as well as educational institutions to have visibility and connect within the regional business community. It is designed to give you insight into the people behind the businesses in the region.

The network is built using the introNetworks Visual Matching Engine that has been used by TED, NASA and various Fortune 500 companies. The technology uses deep profile information to connect members to each other and provide ways to visualize those connections and information.

“Wow, just like anything else in life, if you help others, good things come to you in abundance and from places you would have never guessed. 805connect does a great job of informing others with what and how you’re willing to help them out. In doing this, others see how they can help you and get in touch. A virtuous circle for entrepreneurs.”Steve Worthington, CEO, BornSharp, 805connect Member