George Ayoub, Author, Scientist and Educator

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How it could be instead of how it is.

Using the tools from physics to explore the questions from philosophy.”Dr. George Ayoub

Dr. George Ayoub is an author, scientist, and educator, experienced in medical research and higher education. He has taught over 10,000 students at colleges and universities and is appreciated for his ability to make things clear for all audiences. He enjoys word plays, gardening, and teaching. His research has identified natural foods that protect our bodies from disease and improved the health of people.

His most recent book, All the Worlds a Stage is a concise guide to the workings of your body, with clear explanations of how to improve your odds for a healthy and productive life. It includes an overview of human biology, including cell function, organ system physiology and development. The book explains common chronic diseases and how to adjust diet and exercise to improve your odds of a healthy life.

Our conversation covered George’s broad interests, from teaching, researching, and why he chose Physics as a major and in Grad School he majored in Neuroscience. He was drawn to these two subjects because they were core to his worldview that the two most core subjects were Physics and Philosophy. So he minored in Philosophy. These cover the bigger ideas of how things work (Physics) and who we are (Philosophy).

George was a professor at Westmont and at Brooks Institute.

This conversation is so packed, it’s hard to isolate the best bits for the show notes. This show is best experienced by listening – keep a notepad around to take notes.