Great insights come from unexpected places – Craig Harris

In 805conversations by Mark Sylvester

Craig Harris, the founder and CEO of HGDATA in Santa Barbara sat down for a conversation with host Mark Sylvester for a wide-ranging talk that covered his early work as a Peace Corps volunteer in Paraguay and how lessons he learned there have guided him throughout his business career. He and Mark talked about several themes, including;
  • What’s the meaning of HG and the Holy Grail
  • What’s a Minimally Viable Expert?
  • How do you create a workplace that’s compelling – attracting the best talent to your business
  • Big Data and understanding a customers specific requirements
  • Measuring results – another Holy Grail for businesses to consider
  • Building a business in Santa Barbara and the funding environment, how it’s changing so quickly
Craig is also a partner with the 805connect project and we appreciate his guidance and support from the very earliest days of the effort. We profiled them in a special post which you can read here. Buzzword Bingo: Unstructured data