Employee engagement through wellness

In 805conversations by Mark Sylvester

Bryce Eddy and Ryan Turnbull of Tolman & Wiker Insurance Services sat down for a conversation with host Mark Sylvester for an engaging talk that covered the importance of having a wellness program in your business. Bryce and Ryan represent the Wellness practice at this extremely progressive agency. They talked about several themes, including;
  • The Awareness Moment, when you decide to embark on a path to wellness
  • Biometric screening
  • Lifehacking
  • How do you engage the naysayers in the workplace – hint – it’s easy
  • Wellness Ambassadors – great program that boosts engagement exponentially
  • Are you a Wellness Geek?
  • What do you do when you have a lifestyle-based chronic condition?
Greg Van Ness, the CEO of Tolman & Wiker is a partner with the 805connect project and a sponsor of the 805conversation project with Dean Gerhard Apfelthaler from California Lutheran University. Both have done podcasts that are very informative. Click on their name to listen.