Most Desirable Place to Live

In Things to Think About, Who's Doing Cool Stuff? by Mark Sylvester

The 805 area is absolutely the most desirable place to live in America.

A recent survey published by the Washington Post listed the three counties in the 805 in the top 1% of places to live in the United States. This was out of 3,111 counties.  This is excellent news – and great information to use when attracting talent and capital to the area. Best Place To Live One thing that binds all of us here in the 805 area is that we have placed quality of life higher on our list than anything else. We find this all the time when talking to people on our 805conversations podcast. We ask “Why the 805?” and “What brought you here?”. It’s always related to the natural amenities that are here, then closely followed by the schools, the people, the opportunities to lead a more balanced life. We agree. The article includes an interactive map that you can use to hover over any of the 3,111 counties in the US. The dark green ones shown below are the most desirable.