HG Data

In Partners by Mark Sylvester


Data. Made better. That’s what we do. If you were to walk into HGDATA’s offices you would get the feeling that you are in a room with some really smart people. Then you learn that there are thirty data scientists working feverishly away at developing HGDATA’s core product, information.

Here’s how they describe what they do. “Every day, we index more than 1.2 billion unstructured data objects across the open Internet – including items like b2b, social media, case studies, press releases, job postings and much more – to produce a detailed, accurate and usable census of who is using what b2b technology products at which companies.”

According to CEO Craig Harris, the HG stands for Holy Grail and after a demo of how deep they can go into publically available information about companies, it’s clear that HG is on a path to find the Holy Grail of big Data.

805connect appreciates their support, specifically how they have helped us reach out to the (805) business community through their data analytics.