Dina Landi, Managing Partner, Riskin Partners

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I’m in the people business Dina Landi, Managing Partner, Riskin Partners

In this candid interview with Dina Landi, the managing partner of Riskin Partners, we learn about the complicated local real estate market and how our coastal lifestyle is a key reason people flock to our area.

You’ll learn what’s it’s like to be a realtor who focuses on properties of distinction. She gives tips for meeting new people and how to get beyond just thinking about square footage when selling or buying a home.

My biggest surprise was when we talked about real estate technology and how realtors tend to be early adopters, and she said, “Yes, we have our own drone.” Of course, she does.

This conversation had a bit of sadness to it as well. Riskin Partners was founded by Rebecca Riskin, who perished in the Montecito Debris Flow in January 2019. Dina told us briefly about her story that day and we wanted to dedicate this episode to her memory.