Your message needs a purpose – David Hefferman

In 805conversations by Mark Sylvester

Product. Placement. Position. Price.

David Hefferman, Marketing Specialist at KEYT 3 and FOX 11, sat with host Mark Sylvester to talk about how small businesses get the most out of local advertising. We’ve not addressed this topic in depth before. David takes us through the ins and outs of integrated marketing in an episode with a lot of valuable information. Over the years, he’s learned that a lot of the time, small businesses don’t understand how to craft a message with a purpose.
There’s an on/off button. Use it.” – David’s take on how to avoid advertising
Topics included;
  • The Santa Barbara Kite Festival, which David has run for almost 20 years.
  • His background in On-Air Weather. Mark, David and Patrick talk a bit in the beginning about the weather.
  • How David approaches his work, by working closely with his clients to understand what they’re trying to accomplish, then helping them reach those goals.
  • Why people have such an aversion to sales. It’s not a dirty word you know.
  • Why you should advertise more when you are busy. It’s a compelling argument.
  • “Consistency wins.” – The secret to effectiveness.
  • Listeners know that we love alliteration. Here’s a good one from David: Kernels of Consistency
  • How you should think about FREE MEDIA
  • David has a great mini lesson in Programmatic Targeting
  • Do you know what RECENCY is? Neither did Mark until David explained it
  • What makes an ad compelling? Uniqueness and Sincerity and it has a Heart
  • Did you know that our local TV station reaches 500,000 people?
  • David explains how rates are computed, and ads placed – interesting if you’re looking to maximise your ad spend
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