Hustlers for Humanity – Just do it.

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Serve. Community.

Matt Turner and his brother Sat Kiret, founders of Santa Barbara’s Hustler’s for Humanity are doing something amazing and want to take their idea national. They sat with host Mark Sylvester for a wide-ranging conversation that went back to how they have become so motivated to serve and help the community. Their business is matching volunteers to opportunities to serve in the community. This can be assisting at events where the non-profit needs extra hands to unload chairs or provide assistance in parking at a fundraiser. They’ve done it all.
Our Mission: Impact the community. Teaming up to serve.
If you want to join the Hustlers and volunteer your time at a local event, you can signup here. Topics included;
  • Learn how they focus on being dedicated to positivity
  • Building a team of superheroes
  • The backstory: their father built a non-profit for 1000’s of kids in Boston – their hometown
  • What their first event was like – at Fork and Cork
  • Their progress so far – 75 events, 600 people, 250 regular volunteers and 40 non-profits served.
  • Their Dragon: resources and living in the car when they first moved here.
  • Their emphasis on trust is compelling
  • The value of sports and how it’s impacted them
  • “Our sport is Community Service
  • Discussion of branding and the word Hustlers.
  • Their Community-Service model for Colleges and high school students
  • The future: monthly publications and technology to facilitate the matching of volunteers to opportunities to serve
Matt and Sat are on the Executive Team of TEDxSantaBarbara and are providing amazing ideas and collaborative input to the event.