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Showup. Listen. Network

Gregg Hart, Santa Barbara City Councilmember has been involved in public service his entire career. His conversation about his life choice, with host Mark Sylvester, helped illuminate the positive aspects of public service and giving back to the community.
How do you make better changes for the Community?”
  Topics included;
  • Climate change and his focus on working at the local level to make a difference
  • BEACON – Beach Erosion working group
  • A bit of background on Earth Day and the birthplace of environmental activism
  • His participation in Prop 15, the anti-nuke initiative at Diablo Canyon
  • Discipline vs. Passion
  • His top three lessons – Showup, Listen, Network
  • Background on the ongoing debate in Santa Barbara between growth and no-growth advocates
  • The Density (Downtown) discussion – insight
  • A great story of how you work with community groups to solve a problem. The example is the work the City has done to create a bicycle corridor to connect the downtown area to the Westside. We learned how hard it was to build consensus.
This was a great conversation, and Patrick and Mark both thanked Gregg for his tireless efforts at representing all of our best interests.