Fast Forward – Ride with Core

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“Being resilient is a choice.” – Corey Reed

Corey Reed, adaptive athlete, and the founder of Westlake Village-based Ride with Core had one of the most inspiring conversations with Mark. The last ten years of his life are punctuated by a tragic traffic accident where he lost his sight and his right leg, below the calf. What you learn about how he spent those ten years will astound you. How he intends the next ten will give you great cause for hope.
I’ve had to learn how to make good decisions under pressure”
Topics included;
  • What Ride with Core is all about – and how having an Entertainment company fits into his future
  • The Ride with Core film Resilience – see here – don’t’ miss this.
  • Being a father, husband and mentor
  • Going from a super athlete to an adaptive athlete
  • What it means to be competitive
  • Ever heard of Para-Snowboarding? Neither had we.
  • What are the traits that he wants others to cultivate: Constantly bettering yourself. Be vulnerable – step outside your comfort zone and Trust.
  • Going from para-snowboarding to Competitive CrossFit – and setting a world-record as the first adaptive athlete as a part of a foursome at the Kenny King Crossfit Competition
  • Starting off with T-Ball as a kid
  • Being sponsored by the largest prosthetics company and then competing in the world-renowned Navy Seal Hell Week Seal Fit  program (yes, as a blind guy)
  • The 3 Stages of Hypothermia
  • Fight or Flight
  • Going from being an AV guy who designed in-home solutions to a thought-leader, and what that feels like
  • What the next five years look like for Corey
Every accomplishment I’ve made, I couldn’t have done it without the support of a team – family friends and coaches.”
Every so often you meet an amazing person that challenges everything you thought about barriers. Corey is one of those. Take a minute to visit his site and if you can attend a screening – make it a must. We’re hoping to get Corey back to hear some more stories about the kids he’s helping along the way.