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“Small Fixes Make Big Differences”

A conversation with Chris Foley, Web Strategist

Chris Foley has built hundreds of websites, has consulted with world-class brands and will bring this expertise to the conversation. The conversation with Chris Foley and Mark Sylvester, Ambassador for 805connect, focused on a handful of key changes you can make right away to improve your web presence. 

Chris said that there are five areas which are commonly overlooked, and, when addressed, can make some dramatic differences in a website’s success. He should know, he built the 805connect.com site. Here’s a replay of the 805conversation

Thanks to 805partner cielo24 for the ‘searchable captions’ they provide to our 805conversations. They make it very easy to get exact quotes from  the speakers.

In our conversation we explored;
  • Why concern around website traffic is too frequently disconnected from a real online business strategy and how to turn that around.
  • Why companies should be thinking about loyalty and building relationships with their online customers.
  • Why there’s so much confusion around the value of social media and why you’re likely putting your attention in the wrong place.
  • Why understanding the right numbers that move the needle for your business will give you better insights.
  • Why you need to stop thinking of your online efforts as separate silos.
At a time when people are trying to carve their online niche with their fingernails, it’s vital to be aware of where your efforts are best applied. Many CEOs are watching the wrong numbers. – Chris Foley
There are many small fixes that will make big differences in your online business.