The Art and Science of Relationships

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The Pieces of the Intentional Relationship Puzzle

David Nour, of The Nour Group, is an advisor, speaker and author of the best-selling book, Relationship Economics. He talked with host Mark Sylvester about the strategic implications that drive how we should think about relationships.
Are you willing to do the incredibly hard work to be world-class?
David  starts with a story and tells about how he used this technique with hundreds of post-it notes when he was assigned a new account and didn’t know anyone. His primary focus is professional relationships including these big ideas;
  • Learning about the Favor Economy from the Bazaars of Iran where he grew up
  • How the concepts of Reputational Capital, Professional Network and Relationship Currency evolved into Relationship Economics.
  • How few professionals understand the significance of relationships
  • The Three Types of Relationships
    • Functional
    • Strategic
    • Lifetime
  • David’s 3 Touch Rule when approaching a new relationship
    • Gratitude
    • Reciprocity
    • Pay it forward
  • How David views the world of potential relationships;
    • Givers
    • Takers
    • People looking for a job
    • Hint: He is a giver
  • Why you should join a professional organization
  • What can you learn? Who can you meet?
Don’t confuse vibration with forward motion.