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Tuition-Free Homeschooling for Ventura County

Claudia Weintraub is the Director of the River Oaks Academy Charter School in Westlake, CA. She speaks with host Mark Sylvester about personalized learning in the context of homeschooling and independent learning. This topic is deep and nuanced and the conversation helps understand the vital role this type of education plays in preparing young minds for the future. These students are going to form a strong part of the local work-force and will be of the temperament to be incredible employees.
The smartest kids in the world and how they got that way.
Topics included;
  • Definition of Independent Learning
  • The role of the family in supporting the student
  • How she came about focusing her efforts in this area
  • Building Parent competency
  • How to determine if your family is ready for home-schooling
  • Project-based learning
  • The role of common core standards in homeschooling
  • Here her argument that home-schooled students are more articulate, more polite, more well-rounded and more likely to give back in their community and why that’s true.
  • Career Pathway programs
  • College and Career readiness
  • What the next five years look like for River Oaks
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  1. Hi,

    My name is Ashley and I’m seeking a possible alternative option for my daughter who is six, with special needs.

    She’s diagnosed with a genetic disorder; which comes with apraxia of speech, intellectual disability. We are holding her back a year & she’s currently enrolled in TK in a private Lutheran school in Thousand Oaks .

    I’m worried they don’t have enough resources for her here.

    I’d love a more individualized program for her. We could easily hire a tutor, but the problem is is I love for her to be around other kids. She is very social.

    I’d love some more information about your program.

    Thank you,


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