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Judy Mahan, the program director for the San Luis Obispo-based HotHouse and the Small Business Development Corporation’s local office met with host Mark Sylvester to discuss the state of startups, working with Cal Poly’s Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and the recent Tech Pitch competition.  Areas covered included:

  • How SLO Hothouse incorporates acceleration, incubation and co-working spaces into one environment
  • The role of the business community, the University and the town in the success of the Hothouse
  • What’s a Day In The Life of one of their companies like
  • Best practices at running a facility like this
  • Recap of the recent Tech Pitch competition and what it takes to be successful when you are pitching your company and idea
  • How important is the company that places 2nd in these competitions

Links to sites from the show:

Cal Poly CIE:

SLO Hothouse:

Small Business Development Corp, housed at Cal Poly: