Relationships Matter – Tom Reed

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I think I’m spiritually entrepreneurial.

Tom Reed, the Executive Director of the nearly 100-year-old Unity Shoppe, sat with Mark to talk about building relationships and how they’ve affected his life. Tom has a fascinating background and shared many of his life’s’ lessons during this conversation. The model for the Unity Shoppe is unique in the United States and one that’s worth replicating in other communities.
Life is a paradox”
Topics included;
  • Being a pilot in Vietnam
  • Starting his career in Grass Valley – turns out Mark did a stint in Auburn CA as well
  • How his military service prepared him for life – discipline and respect for authority
  • How he spent the early part of his life pursuing success – money, material things – and how that turned out
  • The Fire. Losing everything in a moment.
  • Teaching himself how to build a house – and what happened next
  • Three things that changed when he had his transformation
  • – What’s really important in life – what’s the meaning for him
  • – Not religion, but finding the spiritual aspect of life
  • – How powerful ‘no agenda’ can be in building relationships
  • What going to the National Prayer Breakfast did for him
  • Being a Folk Singer, and the path that took him down
  • Being vulnerable
  • His CEO mentoring project
  • Then comes the Unity Shoppe, he’s been the Executive Director for 14 years
  • What this organization means to the community.
  • Many examples of how the Freedom to Choose model is so successful with the people Unity serves