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Caught between Connection and Curiosity

Judy Hawkins, principal at Ruby Road Leadership and the facilitator of the Business Giving Roundtable had a lively talk with Mark Sylvester about giving back, the social sector and social enterprises.
Bring on the good news.”
Topics included;
  • The Business Giving Roundtable, background and where it fits in the local non-profit scene
  • How the BGR supports entrepreneurs
  • How you build giving into the business model
  • Trend: Women business owners think about giving back during the formation of their business.
  • Giving back is how we are a part of the Community
  • How the business world and the social sector are becoming more hybridized
  • What the Partners for Excellence  Conference is and how it’s unique to the region
    • This year, both Noozhawk and PacCoast Business Times covered the conference.

  • What are the things that set this area apart?
  • – We have a connection to the natural world
  • – Our spirit of generosity
  • – We’re caught between connection and curiosity
  • Why it’s important to have a signature style
  • What it means to have an entrepreneurial culture – and how you recognize it if you saw it:
  • – An interest in creativity
  • – A willingness to lead with intuition
  • – Thinking about being a part of the Community – a client community, your town
  • Ways to Serve:
  • – Volunteer – serve on a local board
  • – Show up and pitch in at an event
  • – In-kind services from your business