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Getting both sides of the story

Steve Ainsley, now retired, was the Publisher of the Santa Barbara News-Press and the co-founder of the Economic Community Project twenty years ago. He now serves as the Chair of Cottage Health’s Board. He and Mark covered a wide range of topics including his thoughts about publishing, the Spotlight backstory, investigative journalism and others.
Root out what’s not right.”
Topics included;
  • His history working for the New York Times.
    • Santa Barbara, Tampa and as Publisher of the Boston Globe (7 papers in total)
  • The backstory of Spotlight, Steve came to the paper 2 years after the story broke.
  • His thoughts on the role of Publisher v the Editor
  • The watershed moment for Media
  • How the business model changed, which changed the industry
  • A deep dive into investigative journalism
  • What’s the highest award a paper can get? Is it worth it?
  • The Misson of your local, community paper
  • Where do millennials fit into this new publishing world?
  • People do read the local paper (still)
  • What if you want a career in journalism, what traits should you have?
    • Innate curiosity
    • A real desire to share what you’ve observed
    • Get a charge by how much impact you make in the community
  • The Economic Community Project – started in 1993
    • Background and history of the project
    • Sl-no growth citizenry and politics
  • How you achieve success in community efforts – invite the contrarians
  • His tenure at Cottage Health
  • His take on Healthcare and the Mission of Cottage
  • How you build partnerships to manifest these large community agendas