Living Your Purpose – Brian Chossek

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Making Purpose Matter

Brian Chossek, the founder of Impact 7 Generations, is an author, speaker, and actualizer who shared a lively conversation with Mark talking about Purpose. Listen as Brian talks about why the discussion of Purpose, or your Why is so vital to your personal and professional life.
20% of executives don’t have a strong grasp on their personal why.”
Topics included;
  • Your Purpose vs. Your Why – how are they different
  • How to find your Why
  • Discovering your aha moment – “When the Why appears.”
  • His Three Questions to help identify your WHY
    • What are you good at?
    • What is your passion?
    • What can I get paid to do?
  • The difference between your Personal Why and your Organizational Why
  • How to integrate Values and Purpose into your Company or Organization
  • Flipping the Filter
  • How to develop a purpose-driven organization
  • Finding your Center of Gravity
  • Identifying and articulating your Purpose, Vision and Values
  • Activating Purpose, Vision, and Value to achieve immediately measurable outcomes
  • Utilizing a Purpose-driven approach to solving specific problems, rapidly innovate, problem solve and earn buy-in for change
You can find Brian’s work at Impact 7 Generations. He writes, runs workshops and does executive coaching.