Passion for Hospitality

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Making people happy. Finding Yes.

Marc Borowitz, the founder of Events by Rincon, talked with Mark about their 30-year history of Mark eating Marc’s food. Marc started Rincon 32 years ago and has grown his business into a regional powerhouse having fed thousands and attended to the weddings of hundreds of brides. It’s a great conversation about how hospitality can be brought into any business.
No is not a part of our vernacular”
Topics included;
  • The Wedding business in Santa Barbara, as a destination for brides from around the world.
  • Corporate catering and how local businesses take advantage of Marc’s great service
  • Three things that Marc would teach someone about Hospitality;

1. Desire. Have a desire to make people happy.

2. Practice. Get in the reps, rehearsals. Ask, “How could we make it better?”

3. Imagination. Think about pushing the envelope, turning client ideas into reality.

  • His philosophy about employee education – hint: It never stops
  • His favorite thing to cook himself and a fun thing he does with friends and family
  • What Marc thinks about when you say Workforce Wellness.
Marc has been catering for projects with Mark since his early days at Wavefront, then onto introNetworks and is the caterer for TEDxSantaBarbara.