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Operational Excellence

Michael Teasdale, a member of the Advisory Council at California Lutheran University, covered a lot of ground in this informative talk with Mark. Michael spent most of his career in Healthcare and has a background in Theater, Communications and spends a lot of his time now with public service projects in Ventura County.
Always ask, Did I learn something?”
Topics included;
  • Working at Baxter, in Paris and Wisconsin and at General Electric
  • How you look at an organizations’ Operational Excellence;
    • Who is their customer – what to they need or want
    • What is the beginning and the end of the process
    • Identify the Key Steps in the process
  • Getting people to understand their role in the process and why this is critically important
  • Are you asking the right questions?
  • His life in the Theater – as a director, and how it influenced his business career
  • The BING Theory – love this.
  • Interesting difference between theater and other performance types
  • The importance of communications in business
  • His five years as a speaker coach
  • His tips for speakers
    • Know what you want to accomplish – what do you want the audience to say, do or think
    • Understand your audience and ask, Why are they there?
    • Why should they care?