Wake-Up Inspired – Marian Baker

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What if EVERYTHING changes because of how you deal with one question?

Marian Baker, one of the Top 50 Executive Coaches in America covered a lot of ground quickly in her conversation with Mark. Marian is a Chief Inspiration Officer and has a lot of ideas for what you could call her; our favorite was that she’s a self-proclaimed Jedi Knight Trainer. She’s established herself on the global stage, helping companies find Inspired Leadership through her Institute. You’ll want to grab a copy of her book, Wake Up Inspired after listening to this episode.
Old ways don’t take us into the new future.”
Topics included;
  • What’s the best title for her? Catalyst? Mission midwife? Jedi Knight trainer?
  • What her Ideal Client looks like
  • What it takes to get to a better life
  • “I’m a bridge and a translator.”
  • The Inspiration Economy
  • The description of the Wrecktangle (great visual)
  • Why you want to follow successful people
  • Her Daily Practice – Baby Steps
  • What she means by her shorthand: IC (Inner Child, Inner Closet, Inner Champion)
  • What the three most important parts of how we could be looking at ourselves
    • Your inner child
    • Your conscious adult
    • Your absolute self
  • What does fierce love want from me today?
  • Drawing an Infinity sign – labeling the left side: Surrender and on the right, Co-Creativity, and how inspiration flows from one side to the other.
  • Being the Queen of Questions