In Partners by Mark Sylvester


FastSpring was founded in 2005 as a partnership of industry veterans with over 40 years experience in the e-commerce software industry, with a vision of bypassing legacy systems, addressing e-commerce customer dissatisfaction and building a robust e-commerce engine with the latest database, transactional and marketing technologies.

Members of the FastSpring team pioneered key segments of previous-generation e-commerce systems and joined forces to build the next generation system—FastSpring.

FastSpring serves thousands of clients worldwide. A leading e-commerce service for the general software industry, FastSpring is also the number one e-commerce service for Mac software publishers.

With Chris Lueck’s leadership as CEO, FastSpring is a great example of the type of experienced, robust, energetic companies that are supporting the 805connect project.

They recently redesigned their website, it looks great. Check out FastSpring (  today to see if this is a service that could help you grow your online business. Tell them 805connect sent you.