Strategic Samurai

In Who's Doing Cool Stuff? by Mark Sylvester

StrategicSamurai Every business owner has to communicate on a regular basis. It might be to a room of employees, a collection of customers at a tradeshow or a critically important pitch in front of potential investors.

How confident you are, what your key message is and how you deliver it are all skills worth cultivating.

For the past few years, Kymberlee Weil, aka Strategic Samurai, has been teaching people how to write and deliver the talk of their lives. She is a highly sought after speaker coach and has developed a unique ability to help her clients turn their ‘Idea Worth Spreading’ into a compelling TED-style talk. She was the speaker coach for TEDxAmericanRiviera and has coached speakers for the main TED stage and most recently for TEDxOccidentalCollege.

She’s using skills developed from guiding over 100 speakers to now help executives up their communication game.

Kymberlee brings a unique background to coaching. She helps professional speakers crystallize complex theories into cogent talks. She has a gift for knowing what works on stage and what bores an audience. Having attended the main TED conference for 11 years and seeing first hand what works and doesn’t, she translates her experience into a formula that works for anyone in any venue.

Kymberlee’s clients love how she helps them ( craft a perfect talk and deliver it as if they’d been on stage all their lives.  She is certain that everyone has an amazing talk within them and loves helping them bring it to life.

For 805connect members only, you can contact the Strategic Samurai herself and get a free 15 minute session to ask a question about how you could improve your speaking.