Fast forward to New Years’ Eve 2015

In Things to Think About by Mark Sylvester

Future vision There are many New Year’s posts about how to improve yourself, your business and your life. Here’s another piece of advice to consider. Close your eyes and visualize the end of 2015. By starting at the end of the year and working backwards, you can make the beginning of your year a lot more productive. Begin by closing your eyes for 30 seconds and imagine how you would answer this question;
“So, how was your year?”
Now you have positive year end goals in mind. What do you need to do to make it happen? Make a list. How will each thing on your list contribute to your end of the year success? Reevaluate your list of successes as the year progresses. Yes, the beginning of the year is the right time to think about things that are new. New friends, new challenges, new goals and new adventures. Think about how great you are going to feel when you tell your friends next January how 2015 turned out.