Thinking about skills

In Things to Think About by Mark Sylvester

Would it surprise you to know that there are over 135 skills to choose from when creating your 805connect profile? When designing these choices we studied the areas of expertise that every business needs. We are constantly adding to this list as more people join the network. Forty-four percent of you said that creating your 805connect profile made you think about your skills differently. That’s exactly the point. It was designed that way. Below is a complete profile. Each column describes what’s most important to a particular person. The lists are arranged with the most important words at the top. The words in color show what you have in common with that person. This helps when you reach out to them. TagView Over the next several months we will be using this information to develop programs to help you and your business. Each of you created your profile when you signed up and most of you have not looked at it since that first day. Revisiting your profile after several months is a great idea. The more up to date your profile is, the better chance you have of making interesting connections. Fifty-five percent of you said that you are in the network to make connections with interesting people. What makes you interesting is the diversity of skills, experience and what you are focusing on with your life and your business. How accurately your profile reflects you will affect how others will see you in the network. We’ve added Civic Involvement to the profile so that you can outline how you are giving back to your local community. This helps others make decisions about potentially working with you and lets them know where you spend your precious volunteer time. Today, take five minutes to login and update your profile. Take another look at the choices that describe how you can help others, where you might need help and what you are focusing on. Use the comments section below to tell us how exactly this makes you think about your skills differently.