Digital Natives, Communicating Dreams

In 805conversations by Mark Sylvester

Jacob Tell, the CEO and co-founder of Santa Barbara-based Marketing firm, Oniracom met with host Mark Sylvester to discuss the state of digital marketing, a frequent topic of 805conversations. A wide range of interesting concepts included;
  • How Oniracom’s name was designed
  • Why email is the #1 way to connect to your audience
  • What’s a Digital Therapist?
  • Working with Socially Responsible Businesses
  • How each engagement always starts with a conversation
  • Brand Authenticity
  • Their first client – Jack Johnson started as a filmmaker
  • The 1% for the Planet project
  • The role of millennials in the Business Giving Roundtable
Oniracom invites you to join them at one of their Solutions for Dreamers mixers held in the Lagoon District of Santa Barbara. You can sign up for an invitation on their newly designed website.