Cooking Around the Country

In 805conversations by Mark Sylvester

“What can I tell a story with”

This is what Diego Felix thinks about when he’s looking at the food in a Farmers’ Market. Diego Felix is the co-founder of Colectivo Felix, an exciting business (Currently in Ojai) that plays to his passions for food and performance. He sat with Mark recently to talk about food, traveling, blending flavors and telling stories. Mark was a chef in a former life and met Diego at a dinner party in Ojai and invited him on the show. You’ll find him entertaining and will enjoy this episode. There was a lot of ground covered in this conversation, including:
  • How the Colectivo got started
  • His year-long tour of major cities in the US – doing pop-up dining for two weeks at a time.
  • What is means when one of his clients sends up the Bat Signal
  • Growing up in a vegetarian family and how that influenced his cuisine
  • His unique South American point of view about ingredients
  • His favorite things: Corn, Indigenous herbs and, well you need to listen
  • What the heck is Wild Sage Ash?
  • How Cooking is like Improv and Jazz
  • When his cooking goes wrong, it doesn’t.
Diego is off to Santa Cruz to help his brother open a restaurant. We hope that he comes back to the 805 so that we can enjoy his cooking.