What’s your biggest challenge?

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“The ones that will succeed are good listeners.”

Doug’s initial criteria for judging the potential of a CEO that he coaches. Doug Crawford is a seasoned entrepreneur, CEO coach, and mentor. He and Mark had a long-distance conversation from Texas to talk about business, entrepreneurs and our shared love for helping others. Doug and Mark worked together back in the day, the early days of Wavefront Technologies in Santa Barbara. There was a bit of reminiscing in the episode. There was a lot of ground covered in this conversation, including:
  • His first job
  • Being in the Army Honor Guard at Arlington National Cemetery
  • His experience with Sales Training for small businesses
  • How to think about clients and how you enable their careers
  • Trust in business relationships (A frequent theme on the show)
  • How entrepreneurs have Vision, No Fear and a Strong Belief (in their product/service)
  • Is entrepreneurialism in your DNA? Or is it nurture
  • Millennials and business. They’re not buying the hype.
  • How to show gratitude as a CEO
  • B Corporations and Triple Bottom Line
  • The question that you might ask about your business, “Are we doing well for the environment?”
  • the Art of Community
  • Conscious Capitalism
  • What he means by cost-transparency in health care – one of his clients is in that space.
  • How to partner and build relationships that span ideologies and oceans
  • His methodology for onboarding new clients
  • – What’s your biggest challenge?
  • – Sales and Marketing?
  • – Financial? Pricing? Financial modeling?
  • – Team building? One capability that most people are least-skilled at
  • His work with Maui Mastermind – no, it’s not in Maui, it’s a state of mind. Good group of individuals.
Diego is off to Santa Cruz to help his brother open a restaurant. We hope that he comes back to the 805 so that we can enjoy his cooking.