Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs

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Women in the Winners Circle

  Cathy Feldman, the founder of the Spirit of Entrepreneurship (SOE) Foundation chatted with host Mark Sylvester about the upcoming SOE Awards. The conversation covered a lot of ground, especially the role of women in the workplace, in the startup ecosystem and how Cathy has been documenting Women in Business nearly her entire career. Topics covered include:
  • The upcoming Spirit of Entrepreneurship Awards and call for Nominations – click here to nominate
    • Deadline is March 7, 2016. Nominees must be located in Santa Barbara County.
  • The 11 categories for winners and the background of the Organization
  • How the SOE helps fund entrepreneurial enterprises at the High School and Community College level
  • The judging process and how it works having people outside of the area weigh in on the applications
  • Discussion about the seriousness that Kymberlee Weil took when submitting her application – she went on to win in 2014.
  • The ongoing discrepancies for women in business – locals, investments and more
  • Where women and girls fit into the STEM stream – going into these types of careers
  • The idea of a speaking tour for the winners of the SOE the past several years
  • Cathy’s 25-year background as a writer and publisher at Blue Point Books, including her many books that feature women’s successes