The CFO – The CEO’s Trusted Partner

In 805conversations by Mark Sylvester

Getting closer to the customer

  Bart Thielen, the CFO/COO of Blue Microphones, a Westlake, CA company sat with host Mark Sylvester to talk about their phenomenal products and the role of the CFO in business. This enlightening discussion gave a new point of view of how important the CFO is and at what point in the lifecycle of the business you bring one on. Topics covered include:
  • Blue Microphones and how it is that they are located in Westlake, CA
    • 805conversations use the Yeti Pro microphone once we learned that they are a local company.
  • Mentoring at California Lutheran University
  • How the CFO helps the CEO strategize across all aspects of the business – not just counting the numbers
  • The importance of the CFO doing the forecasting and not the sales team – interesting
  • The technology behind these amazing microphones
  • Why Gamers love them as well as Podcasters
  • How the CFO plays along with the branding discussions
  • Why the Retro style of the design works so well
  • What’s the Holy Grail in advanced audio recording?
Buzzword Bingo – Reshoring