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Guy Smith, part of the core faculty at Antioch University in Santa Barbara met with host Mark Sylvester to talk about his career as an educator, networker, SCAMP’r and lifelong student of Communications. Guy was one of the original members of the 805connect project and worked with Mark on several projects over the 20+ years that they’ve known one another. Guy focuses on communication in all forms. He started as an English teacher and now helps students understand the impact of Advertising on our culture. He recently invited Mark into his class, Advertising and Culture to talk about Mark’s experience working with McCann Worldgroup and J Walter Thompson company. We covered a lot of ground in this conversation, including:
  • Information on demand
  • How education needs to be more applied and less theoretical
  • The role of advertising in our culture
  • One of his projects for students, to interview someone in the ad business and another which is to develop an ad campaign – here’s the twist – you have to do it for two different counties (this gets to the culture piece he’s so focused on)
  • Who’s Hofstedes and what is his Cultural Dimensions theory?
  • Individualism v Collectivism
  • What it means to repeat an ad, over and over and over and over and over …
  • How to apply big thinking to small business
  • Social media works for small businesses on tight budgets
  • How millennials don’t realise that they’re being sold to (all the time)
  • Why Malcolm Gladwell’s TED talk on Spaghetti Sauce is important to consider in the context of advertising
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Fish will be the last to discover water.