Seeing The Future – How Virtual Reality Impacts Business

In 805conversations by Mark Sylvester

Peter Schlueer, President and Andy Beall, CEO/CTO of WorldViz recently discussed the practical applications of Virtual Reality on the 805conversations podcast. They touched on games (the easy one), product design, visualization, ethics, and the adoption of VR in the consumer and business spaces. They played a round of buzzword bingo with these winners: Visual Psycho Physics and Ecological Validity. WorldViz prides themselves on providing companies and developers with world leading Virtual Reality expertise, and unparalleled immersive visualization experiences. They are the only 3D visualization company in the world making their own interactive 3D content creation software platform and a real-time motion-tracking product series. They recently presented at the MIT Central Coast Enterprise Forum. WorldViz Their Virtual Reality technologies help people and businesses to understand information better, to truly interact with 3D graphics, and to foster communication between designers, engineers, and management teams. They are helping solve problems in Product & Design Visualization, Safety & Industrial Training, Defense & Military, Consumer Research & Insight, Interactive Education, Social Interaction Research, and Vision Science & Spatial Cognition Research. They are located in Santa Barbara with a team of software & hardware engineers, 3D graphics designers, and Virtual Reality consultants working relentlessly to find more innovative ways to harness the power of visualization. Contact WorldViz to learn more about how they might help you on a cool project you are considering that could use their platform. Tell them 805connect sent you.