Do you have a selection strategy?

In Things to Think About by Mark Sylvester

Selecting the best idea from many

One of the stimulating parts of any project is the brainstorming, sitting in front of a whiteboard thinking about all the ways you could solve the problem. Do you remember a time when you were brainstorming and the ideas were coming fast and furiously? The ideas sparked new thoughts and it was hard to keep up with the flow.

That’s what makes it so interesting.

How you pick the best idea from hundreds is a skill you can easily develop. There are a few things to consider: does one of the ideas ‘feel’ better? Is there an emotional pull from one idea over another? Can you compare the ideas to uncover their similarities and differences? Which one is most aligned with the exact definition of the problem you are solving?

Frequently, you need to go back and redefine the problem to come up with better ideas for solutions.

With a specific vision of the outcome you are looking to achieve you will find that ideas naturally line up into categories.  If your objectives and criteria for success are clear, you can test each idea against them and narrow down the list.

Once you get disciplined at defining the problem, you can come up with many possible solutions. You’ll also have the opportunity to cut the list down to the perfect single idea that you can put into practice.

Becoming skilled at pinpointing the best idea will increase your idea’s chance for success.