Podcasting Project Launched in July

In 805conversations by Mark Sylvester

805conversations-SQ 805conversations: Interviews with fascinating people you’ll want to know better.

The podcasting series of 805conversations, launched its first set of shows in July. For the past month, 805connect’s Ambassador, Mark Sylvester and podcasting partner, Patrick Melroy of Pullstring Press have been interviewing members of 805connect and building up a library for the launch.

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If this is the first time you’ve heard about our podcasting project, you might want to read this post, The Golden Age of Podcasting, and listen to this conversation that Patrick and Mark had about podcasting in general. We started recording several weeks back and have heard back from some of our first interviews: Here’s what Tolman & Wicker’s CEO Greg Van Ness said after he’d spent an hour doing his first podcast. Click to listen

Podcasts with our region’s thought leaders is one of the innovative ways that 805connect is bringing relevant, useful resources and connection to businesses of all sizes throughout the 805 corridor.   I recently had the opportunity to join Mark and Patrick in a podcast, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  Not only was the conversation wide ranging and thought provoking, but Mark and Patrick elevated our discussion in ways that I think will provide listeners with key insights for all businesses that can be easily understood and considered for implementation.   I recommend the 805connect Podcasts for listeners and participants alike.  I know I learned some things by participating in the conversation, and I believe you will too!

Ellen Reid, The Book Shepard wrote us: Click to listen

What a treat to be in a professional studio to do the podcast with you today. You and Patrick are knowledgable, warm, welcoming and asked excellent questions about the topic of self and indie publishing in today’s business environment. It was my pleasure to be a guest and I look forward to hearing from your listeners when it’s time for them to think about indie publishing. Thank you so much.

Seth Streeter, CEO of Mission Wealth Management sent this great note after his interview: Click to listen

The 45 minutes flew by.  It felt like an enticing mix of easy banter at a bar, intellectual fodder at a coffee shop and vision sharing at a retreat.  Mark is a master at making sparks fly!

Trish Miller, of Spherion was one of our first guests and sent this note today: Click to listen

I thoroughly enjoyed being a guest on the 805conversations Podcast.  The opportunity to converse with Mark and Patrick regarding a variety of relevant business topics was refreshing and insightful.  There is great information and new vocabulary that everyone can learn by listening to this series of conversations with business leaders in the 805connect area. Without hesitation I would encourage all business professionals to take a brief moment out of their busy day and listen to the 805conversations Podcast.”

Mike Manchak, President/CEO of San Luis Obispo Economic Vitality Corporation sent this nice note to us after listening to the podcast we did with him: Click to listen

805connect is fast becoming the catalyst for connections in the tri-counties, and 805conversations is a great way to highlight its members”

Zoe Taylor, the Director of Economic Development for the Santa Barbara Chamber of Commerce’s Economic Vitality Team reached out with this nice quote: Click to listen

Mark and Patrick what a great way to start the day!  Thanks for the opportunity to share information about the Economic Vitality Team of Santa Barbara in a fun and interactive manner through the 805 Connect Podcast.  Thanks for the connection.”

Be a guest on 805conversations

We are reaching out to the 805connect community to find interesting people and stories to feature in upcoming episodes. If you’d like to join us in a stimulating conversation and share a story with our listeners, let us know. If there’s someone that you’d love to hear us talk with, suggest them in an email to us. Thanks.