The Golden Age of Podcasting

In 805conversations by Mark Sylvester


According to MacRumors, we consume 21.5 million hours of podcasts a day. With popular shows such as This American Life and it’s spinoff Serial and the recent release of the Podcast app from Apple in iOS 8, it’s easy for first timers to explore shows and subscribe. Once you have listened to a few of the more popular shows, you will soon become lost in a sea of choices. Podcasts may become the preferred way to consume content going forward.

Podcasting comes to 805conversations

805connect has just formed a partnership with Pullstring Press, a publisher of many things, including a new podcasting network based in Santa Barbara. Co-founders Patrick Melroy and Raymond Douglas will be working closely with 805 Ambassador Mark Sylvester to craft a series of podcasts that begin airing in June. As a catalyst for connections in the region, this new partnership gives 805connect a vibrant new platform for community conversations. Mark and Patrick recently sat down to discuss the new project – listen here.

On-demand Audio

Working with Patrick Melroy and his team will allow us to easily share conversations so you can listen to them when it’s convenient for you.  Subscribing is easy and you won’t have to worry about missing episodes or having time conflicts, you’ll listen when you’re cooking, working out, or on one of those long drives to LA. Podcasting is different than other forms of media because you can be doing other things while you are listening. It’s harder to multitask while reading a blog post or watching a Youtube video.

805conversations – What to talk about?

For the past year the 805connect team has been building our community and listening to members’ one-on-one conversations about what’s important to them. The team will start by talking about key challenges facing business owners, including marketing, dealing with the web, financial issues and how to build collaborative networks. We have a lot of ideas for stimulating and provocative conversations. The team looks forward to hearing from you this June when we launch our first episodes.

Pullstring Press and TOWNED

Pullstring Press produces a show called TOWNED that focuses on conversations with interesting locals in the Santa Barbara area.This is a weekly show and is always entertaining and informative. Pullstring interviewed Mark Sylvester a few weeks back, you can listen here (Episode 7).  They are working with local comedienne, Kimmie Dee, to produce a show called Elbows and Belly Buttons, which highlights the growing comedy scene in the region. It was while listening to one of Kimmie’s podcasts that the idea to bring podcasting to 805connect was born. A couple of coffees with Patrick at the French Press and viola, an amazing new connection was made.

What’s next?

Pullstring and the 805connect team will be producing our first shows in June and launch in July. We’ll announce dates in the 805connect newsletter when we’re ready for you to check them out and subscribe. Patrick will be our guest on the May 27th edition of 805conversations where you can hear first hand how the project is going.

If you have ideas an interesting Podcast conversation, please leave a comment below and we’ll get in touch with you.

Local Podcasts? Please list them below

If you listen to or produce a podcast here in the 805 area, please list and link it in the comments area below. Thanks, we’re sure some of you are doing some cool things, let’s help you publicize them here in the region.