If you don’t ask, you don’t get

In 805conversations by Mark Sylvester

No excuses. You can launch in the 805.

Alon Goren, founder, entrepreneur, advisor, and optimist sat down with 805conversations’ host Mark Sylvester to talk about his views of building businesses here in the region and what it takes to be successful.
Hey, look around, there’s plenty of people already here.”
Topics included;
  • Failing fast
  • Finding your passion
  • The difference between selling and closing, and why it’s good to be good at both
  • The founding of 805startups
  • The story of launching 10 sites to test one concept, which turned into a new unexpected business, Invested.in one of the first crowdfunding technology players
  • How the region is now on the radar of the VC and Angel community
  • His various ventures
Alon is a passionate guy who’s gotten himself very well connected in the 805 region and loves helping the startup ecosystem. His enthusiasm is infectious and you’ll want to check out any of us upcoming events. Sign up at 805startups.