It’s perfect. Right now. Melodee Meyer

In 805conversations by Mark Sylvester

It’s fun. Living in the present and loving it.

Melodee Meyer sat down with 805conversations’ host Mark Sylvester to talk about launching her new site, and her over 20 years in fitness, wellness and nutrition coaching – and how it relates to leadership and business. She tells us,
Learn how to create the life you want, in a body you love, doing work that matters!
Topics included;
  • Feeding ourselves (metaphorically) pies
    • PIES stands for the Physical, Intellectual, Emotion and Spiritual aspects of our lives
  • Shifting your belief system
  • How to convince anyone of anything
  • There are only 6 stories in our lives, and only 2 that are common to all of us
  • How to enjoy the current moment and not focus on a future reality
Master Mel also is the co-founder of Martial Arts Family Fitness and runs a national program called KUT (Kickboxers Ultimate Training). Their dojo has been ranked the #1 facility in the United States and has won the Santa Barbara Independent Best Of for 13 years in a row.