Health is a Choice – Avoiding Desk Butt

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Desk Yogi – Turn your workstation into a wellness station

Jacqui Burge, founder & CEO of Desk Yogi calls herself the Bossy. She is a wellness advocate and entrepreneur. She spoke with host Mark Sylvester about her startup, based in Ojai, California. She learned while working at that there was a need to provide online wellness in the form of 10-minute streaming Yoga classes that people could watch and not leave their desk.

Sitting is the new smoking
Her mission is to help people learn that health is a choice, one that’s easy to make including;
  • You have to actually feel good at a basic level to be successful
  • The story of how the company started, by filling a basic unmet need
  • What it means to do whatever it takes with a startup
  • Clever use of the Health Savings Accounts as an employee motivator
  • How to make a 10-minute exercise break on your computer the best part of your work week