Trusted Connections

In Things to Think About by Mark Sylvester

Trust All of us, given the choice, would rather do business with a friend. Each encounter we have during the day is better if it’s with someone we know. We want to work with friends because we trust them. How quickly can you convert a coffee conversation with someone new into a trusted connection? 805connect is designed to help you learn more about people with whom you’d like to do business, focusing on the people behind the business. The 805connect profile gives you more in-depth information than you will find anywhere else. Here’s a tip: when you are looking at someone’s information in 805connect, look at the tags you have in common. This is a great place to see whether there’s a potential friendship in store for both of you. Send them a message and invite them to coffee and a conversation. This Two-Minute Tip video will give you specific ideas to get you started.
  Do yourself and your friends a favor. Tell them about 805connect today. The more friends in the network, the better.