Entrepreneurs, the new rockstars

In 805conversations by Mark Sylvester

Making great entrepreneurs. Locally.

Melissa Moreno is a force of nature. She’s the founder of The Scheinfeld Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation at Santa Barbara City College and is currently the Dean of Educational Programs – Business.  That’s just a bit of what she does. She speaks with host Mark Sylvester about how she’s deeply involved in helping students find their way in business, starting with getting an idea out of their heads and into the market. She says her superpowers are luck and passion.
You can’t be an entrepreneur for yourself. It’s got to be for the customers.
Topics included;
  • Development of the Entrepreneur programs at SBCC
  • What’s an Enterprise Launch? And her book on the subject which is now a textbook.
  • Success stories and why it’s ok to say NO.
  • The embedded traits of a successful entrepreneur;
    • Persistence, refusing to accept No, not fitting in, can’t keep a job (yes…)
  • The teachable skills that all entrepreneurs need;
    • Role of financial analysis in success
    • Value of teamwork
    • Why you want to research before starting
  • Her concern about the local venture community. Do we have the right kind of investors locally?
  • The Garage Community
  • The cult of personality –  introverts and extroverts – reminds Mark of Susan Cains’ TED Talk
Melissa is also the current head of the MIT Enterprise Forum Central Coast SBCC and MIT Enterprise Forum Central Coast are partners with 805connect.