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“Writing your Life Code, starting with I Will…”

Shaun Tomson, Surfing legend, Entrepreneur, and noted Speaker has a sit-down with Mark and Patrick to talk about his life mission and back story. This wide-ranging conversation covered a lot of ground including:
  • Shaun started surfing at nine years old in South Africa
  • By 20 he was a competitive surfer and starting winning early in life
  • He’s shared the stage with Malcolm Gladwell, Richard Branson, and others during his public speaking career
  • He speaks a lot about giving his perspective, not a prescription
  • The genesis story of the Surfers Code – 12 Lessons and how the project started at the Rincon
  • The Surfrider Foundation – early days
  • How the Code establishes the building blocks of character
  • How the Code has morphed into his public life and speaking – and has impacted thousands of leaders
  • How he does his workshops – very cool process. (Note: Love to participate in one some day)
  • – Spend 30 minutes writing your 12 lines, starting with I will…
  • – Pick one line that best represents your purpose in life
  • – Stand up and represent – read your line to your peers
  • He gives examples of how this transformative work has led to real change
  • He’s passionate about his home country and is activating social change across South Africa through youth programs
  • We talked about how Sports impacts Life and Leadership
  • Interesting side note was the reality of surfing – you work so hard for so long to get 15 seconds of ride time.
  • How passion underlies everything he does and stands for
  • His studying of Nelson Mandela to get ideas on how to influence on a grand scale
  • Passion + Purpose = The Core of Leadership
  • Maybe this should be on a tee shirt: Surfing Teaches You Humility
Sport was an end game. I didnt surf to be the victor.”