You Are What You Sleep – Brett Howlett, Founder

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Sleeping is preventative medicine

The quality of your sleep is more important than the quantity.”Brett Howlett, Founder

Brett Howlett is the Founder of an innovative new lifestyle company; You Are What You Sleep. His background is in the world of advertising.

Brett is based in NYC and comes to Santa Barbara by way of another guest of the show, Pia Dorer. They collaborate on projects, which brings him to town on occasion. He sat with Mark and Patrick to talk about his venture, which seeks to help people develop a ‘sleep practice.’

They talked a little bit about advertising and how it’s warrior culture means that you don’t get a lot of sleep, especially if you’re a senior creative, like Brett.

They covered several areas including:

• How his new venture is all about sleep health and what brought him to the point where he quit the ad game and entered the startup world.
• Why Huffington Post focuses on sleep issues
• What happens to us during deep sleep
• What you should eat just before bed. (Huh? I thought you were not supposed to eat… au contraire says Brett)
• The origin story behind the brand started 15 years ago
• Why aromatherapy is useful just before going to sleep
• Great discussion about sleep cycles and why they’re 90 minutes long
• What related health conditions are exacerbated by lack of sleep, including diabetes, obesity, heart issues and more
• His ‘ah-ha’ moment, when he learned about the properties of wool and how they’d impact sleep
• Why you should be concerned about the temperature of your bed and the bedroom
• Did you know you lose a pint of water at night while sleeping?
• His outreach to youth to make sleep a part of the conversation and help them establish good sleep practices early.