The world belongs to those who show up

In Things to Think About by Mark Sylvester

e714c9b9-6175-4f03-a17e-fee2f28d97eb In 1977 Woody Allen said, “Showing up is 80% of life”. This week’s 805conversation is about making connections, about showing up. The secret is as simple as finding out what’s going on in your industry, your town, your specific trade, and showing up. There are more opportunities to see people in person these days than ever before. You just have to show up to take advantage of them. Can you remember a meeting where an important decision was being made, and noticed only a few people had attended? Those people made the effort to show up. As a result, they had more influence over the outcome than those who didn’t. Can you remember inviting people to a brainstorming session and only half the invitees attended? You made the best of it and considered the ideas of those who took the time to show up. Can you remember the last time you made a commitment to go to the mixer and made an amazing connection? That would not have happened if you had not shown up. Showing up is being present with your attention and intention. Committing to being all-in means that you are now making yourself open to opportunities that might never have happened otherwise. Where will you show up today? You might start by listening to the 805conversations: Community Contacts. We’ll explore what showing up means when you want to build your network and make more relevant local connections. If you show up today, you’ll be able to ask questions during the conversation and get answers that you can use immediately.   REGISTER for 805conversations by 2:15 pm Wednesday, January 28.