Undeveloping the Future – Adam Hall – EarthKeeper

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Impact investing for social good

How do you draw a line around the garden of Eden?”

Adam Hall has a background in real estate development and investment banking. His focus now is un-doing. Unthinking, undeveloping, it’s turned into his life’s mission. It’s quite a turnaround in his thinking and has changed his life.

He recently sat down with Mark and Patrick to talk his background, the formation of the EarthKeeper Alliance and what he’s currently working (or unworking) on. Including:

  • His thoughts on land conservation, both on and offshore
  • How he defines ‘undevelopment.’
  • What it means to be an Impact Investor
  • Ironically he talks about how to make sure that land trust projects are not undone.
  • Adam explains how Land Trusts work and how they are proliferating across the US.
  • Our audience knows we love to talk about Dragons. The one that Adam deals with is regarding Property Right and Usage
  • He’s encouraged by efforts in Santa Barbara like the SustainSB effort currently underway
  • Mark and Patrick love talking about the impact of our guest’s ideas on Millennials and Adam helped us understand where they fit in this ‘undoing’ world.
  • He left us with this quote from Claude Debussy, “The music is the silence between the notes.”